Cash In Transit And Tactical Training
Hidden Weapons Detection
Advanced Threat Detection
Automated Property Patrol
Pre-employment Background Investigations
Security Audits
Network Cyber Security
Cash in Transit & Tactical Training
Our unparalleled training courses ensure all our agents deliver to you the highest quality of security. Years of experience as ex-police and military give us the advantage of creating our own training programs to augment our already experienced team.

Automated Property Patrol
Groundbreaking Robotic Security Solutions revolutionize site awareness! Fully loaded with two-way communication, HD camera, alarming siren and accurate GPS, our newest agent is at your service. It augments a skilled guard force to provide site and staff safety like never before.

Hidden Weapons Detection
Our security solutions locate any weapons before it becomes an issue. Using modern radar technology combined with proprietary software our concealed weapons detection is top notch. Public risk is reduced while providing first responders and security personnel valuable time in active threat scenarios.

Advanced Threat Detection
Our security solutions use a sophisticated network of sensors with modern sensing technology on the perimeter to easily detect any intruders. State of the art AI turns any surveillance camera into an Automatic License Plate Recognition
camera. See how many times someone is watching your site from a safe distance. Say goodbye to stakeouts.

Near Infrared Facial Recognition
Introducing our facial recognition technology offering dependable identity verification in seconds. Think of it as having an automated guardian integrated seamlessly with our security solutions.

Security Audits
Professionally conducted in-house by our highly trained staff and executive team. We assess site vulnerabilities then build your custom security solution based on our findings. Fortify your site today!

Pre-Employment Background Investigations
We have one of the strictest screening processes in the industry. All staff, investors, vendors and clients require mandatory nationwide security checks. We check criminal, financial and socio economic background information going back over 10 years. Upon request, we provide our clients the same level of vital information for making critical business decisions.

Network Cyber Security
Protect your network against crippling cyber attacks with our aggressive defensive software. HARDCAR complete online security solutions integrate revolutionary ransomware and advanced automated threat protection. The end result is an ultra secure cyber fortress.

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