For our Veterans: 3 Ways HARDCAR is Connected to Veterans’ Advocacy

As a team made of veterans who have served our country in various ways at home and abroad, HARDCAR’s work has a very social mission that keeps the interests of our country’s veterans in the forefront.

Here are the reasons HARDCAR has such a dedicated focus towards our veterans, which is reflective in our work, our mission and the way we are advocating for a very important group of people in our communities:

The Connection between Cannabis and PTSD

We understand that combat veterans can suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and we’ve seen it all too closely within our own team. Many veterans who return from active duty believe that they are “fine” and are able to reintegrate back into their “normal” lives relatively quickly. Simply put, people who experience combat are changed people. HARDCAR’s Veterans Services Liaison Aaron Augustis knows this all too well, “It can be very difficult to find your place in the world after serving in the military”, he told us.

As a team, HARDCAR is dedicated to understanding how cannabis can relieve symptoms of PTSD and help our former veterans lead peaceful and productive, mentally healthy lives.

Preliminary research on the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain shows the potential for CBD to alter the human “normal fear-extinction” response. When adding CBD to the endocannabinoid system of someone experiencing PTSD, the CBDs can interrupt the signals in the amygdala-hippocampal-cortico-striatal circuit, the primary brain function that coordinates fear-related memories and brings one’s body to respond to fear-related behaviors.

This is incredible research that we rely on to supplement the accounts of real-life people, that we know, who have turned to cannabis over damaging pharmaceuticals to cope with PTSD.

Providing Safe Access to Veterans

HARDCAR is a company that gives veterans a sense of place within their post-combat lives, while being a part of the active and strong cannabis for veterans movement.

“With HARDCAR Security, we have a mission, a purpose and people rely on us to provide them with SAFE access to cannabis. We feel a duty to protect and HARDCAR gives us that opportunity to serve our nation again by providing safe and reliable access to medicinal cannabis,” Augustis states.

HARDCAR also supports the efforts of Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis, which is active in rallying people, and legislators, in ensuring medical marijuana laws are passed nationwide that allows veterans cannabis access. We are jarred by the fact that we are losing so many people across countries to prescription opiates and painkillers, and we know that veterans are twice as likely as civilians to experience an overdose

By supporting former veterans by giving them a sense of place and purpose, while placing our support behind organizations like Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis, we know we are part of the efforts where 28 states now include medical marijuana programs for PTSD. There’s still further to go.

Putting Veterans Skills to Work

Our veterans are skilled workers, and this is why we’ve made them so integral to our mission to provide next-generation security and transportation services to the cannabis industry.

Through the use of armored vehicles to transport cannabis and cash, our veterans are able to directly apply their skills learned in the military, and in combat, in high-risk settings.

With HARDCAR being monumental in transporting $25 million dollars of cash alone over the past few months, the cannabis industry needs what combat military veterans can offer. “Any agent veteran we send out on the road to transport medical cannabis or to protect a grow operation, etc. has “boots on the ground” combat experience from serving in the US Military,” Augustis states, “This is essential to our success and execution of every mission. Situational awareness, flexibility, adaptability, discipline, focus and motivation are some of the personal qualities that each of our veterans brings to the mission.”

Forward Thinking Mission

HARDCAR is changing the cannabis industry by upping the ante in how cannabis and its cash are protected. We offer a high degree of training in our employees that no regular security company can offer, just because of our social mission of employing veterans.

Stay tuned as HARDCAR tells more of our story about our veterans, and we announce more of the ways HARDCAR is changing cannabis.

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