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HARDCAR is committed to providing you the highest standard of security guard training . Regardless of years in service our agents are dedicated to self improvement through ongoing learning.

HARDCAR exclusive security guard training courses are meticulously constructed by our executives. With their extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and military our courses are one of a kind.  Our agents emerge as professionals in asset protection, evasive driving techniques and risk management. The comprehensive security guard training course includes bi-annual testing and firearm training. Teamwork divides the task and multiplies success. Our agents select from evolving team building exercises like real roadway scenarios designed to strengthen skill set, mind set and confidence.

Military Grade Training

We believe that education is the foundation of a great security team. All advanced training days include debriefing in a class room setting with emphasis on agent participation. Each agent helps to identify additional best practices/personal goals for improvement that is documented as part of their annual review. We offer employee training on a case by case basis, inquire below.


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