The Road to 2018: The 5-T’s of Cannabis Security

As 2018 comes closer and the promises of legal recreational cannabis in California via Proposition 64 become an imminent reality, the cannabis security industry is notifying dispensaries of the need to increase security.

With a predicted growth of $5 billion once recreational cannabis is legalized within the state, there will be no doubt that more people will be coming through the doors of dispensaries, more cannabis will be moved across the state of California, and cultivators will be producing more crop than ever seen before in the state.

Is your dispensary’s security strategy up to snuff as 2018 comes closer?

HARDCAR Next Generation Security suggests that dispensaries take a good look at their security strategy using what we call the 5-Ts of Cannabis Security:


Simply, if you’re still relying on a minivan or someone’s car to transport your cash and your crop, you’re putting your dispensary and employees at significant risk.

Without taking the proper transportation precautions, including using armored vehicles like those used by HARDCAR Next Generation Security, vehicles can be vulnerable to theft, placing your stock and your cash, not to mention your employees, in serious jeopardy.

A real-time tracking app ensures that businesses know the exact location of their agent and their armored vehicle through each part of the secure route.

Threat Detection

What precautions is your dispensary taking to ensure weapons aren’t brought into your cannabis space, both in the retail environment and behind the scenes where you receive your product?

HARDCAR Next Generation Security works with different clients to understand their needs for security, including Hidden Weapon Detection to keep those who are working with cannabis safe against the threat of weapons.

By employing other methods of Advanced Threat Detection, acquired through military and security backgrounds, HARDCAR understands the risks inherent to each cannabis business and designs a custom plan to protect people and assets.


How are you tracking what is going in and out your doors with suppliers and cultivators to ensure there are no discrepancies?

HARDCAR Next Generation Security works with teams to develop technology systems with their dispensary clients to manage inventory, monitor deliveries through video systems, and ensure that agents are always provided with the licensing and product information they need on-demand if they have interactions with law enforcement during transportation.


It’s often very expensive for a dispensary to have a security team on-staff, forcing dispensaries to often go under-staffed at crucial moments where more security is needed like special events and outdoor festivals.

HARDCAR Next Generation Security employs former army veterans and retired law enforcement officers in providing security coverage to clients for one-time events, or on a regular basis. We look at your security needs and are sure to make a recommendation to you based on your current needs, upcoming events, and projected growth.


What training programs do you undertake with your staff to help them maintain the security and safety of your dispensary?

Consider working with HARDCAR Next Generation Security to see how their unparalleled training courses, created and delivered by ex-police and military, can augment the security competencies and skills of your already experienced team.

The 5-Ts: How Many Can You Check Off?

We urge you to give some deep thought about how your cannabis dispensary plans to change to meet the promise of increased sales, which means increased amounts of cannabis, cannabis clients, and cash for 2018. Don’t put cannabis security off until it’s too late and an increase in business equals an increase in threat.

Contact HARDCAR Next Generation Security today to discuss a customized security strategy for your dispensary.

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