The Importance of Lab Testing for Legal Cannabis in California

Forecasted to become a $1.4 billion dollar market in itself within this current Green Rush, Lab Testing for cannabis companies is rising in importance, and HARDCAR is ready to lead the charge in California.

Why Lab Testing?

Any cannabis that hits the shelves must be subject to laboratory testing according to the regulations under the Medical Cannabis Regulation Safety Act (MCRSA) and the newly unveiled rules for the legalization of recreational cannabis earlier this year.

Lab testing of cannabis is done to both protect the integrity of the product that is sold in legal dispensaries as well as to ensure that the product is free of contaminants.

Specifically, cannabis products are tested for the following things:

  • Cannabinoids (THC and CBD levels as well as other important cannabinoids) to test for potency;
  • Foreign materials;
  • Microbial impurities;
  • Mycotoxins that could indicate presence of fungus;
  • Moisture content and water activity to ensure cannabis is not at risk of going moldy;
  • Residual pesticides from the growing process;
  • Residual solvents and processing chemicals from the manufacturing process;
  • Terpenoids to ensure the essential molecular building blocks are present in a strain for purity

In addition, edible products undergo testing to ensure that the THC and CBD content is spread evenly across a product’s dose.

It’s up to the testing agency to ensure that the product is pure and free of contaminants to go to the shelves. If a batch or product fails in any aspect of testing, they are able to take one attempt to fix the product. If it fails the second test, then the product cannot be sold to market and the entire batch must be destroyed.

The Conversations on Cannabis Lab Testing

The topic of lab testing has been a bit of a contentious one leading up to January 1 when California legalized the sale of recreational cannabis.

A UC Davis study looked at samples from 20 dispensaries in Northern California and found evidence of bacterial and fungal pathogens that could prove to be harmful. The pathogens created concerns for the potential for serious lung infections if these products were smoked, spelling serious potential risk for medical marijuana patients who are in a vulnerable state.

In response to the study, Robert Martin, Executive Director of the Association of Commercial Laboratories said “we’re over-testing the products”, believing the lab testing was getting too demanding on distributors. He pointed to the fact that many distributors would have to seriously up the ante on their financial investments on expensive laboratory equipment and tools for the testing process.

Nevertheless, when the regulations for the sale of recreational cannabis came out, it was again confirmed that lab testing needs to be a through process in order to protect the industry and the consumer. This is why the cannabis laboratory testing field is projected to be of such high valuation as legal cannabis spreads across the U.S.

HARDCAR has stepped up in serious ways to become leaders in security, transportation, distribution, and lab testing. “We are the necessary link between the cannabis cultivators, cannabis extractors, and cannabis dispensaries,” said HARDCAR CEO Todd Kleperis as he explained HARDCAR’s strong emergent role in distribution, leading the way in mobile lab testing.

More on Mobile Lab Testing

As California’s legal cannabis market grows, only about 20 licenses have been issued statewide for lab testing. HARDCAR provides the most advanced armored cannabis security, transportation and cannabis distribution services for cultivators and cannabis retailers in the state.

Our vehicles are equipped with some of the industry’s most innovative technology for security and distribution, including the ability to deliver Fresh Frozen Cannabis, and do mobile testing for the state requirements. We have made the investments in the equipment, tools, specialists, and technology to ensure that we help expedite the testing process to ensure that Californians get access to the highest quality product possible.

HARDCAR is rapidly expanding our operations under HARDCAR Security and HARDCAR Distribution. We maintain a commitment to staying ahead of the cannabis regulations by making sure we’re investing in the proper tools to help our clients bring their cannabis from seed to sale.

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