How to Ensure that Your Cannabis Business Transaction is 100% Secure

How to Ensure that Your Cannabis Business Transaction is 100% Secure

With the many issues, controversies, and legal inconsistencies that surround the cannabis industry, and due to varying laws between states and regions, marijuana growers and distributors often have no choice but to complete business operations using cash. However, the cannabis industry is continuing to grow and with the growth of the industry comes the increase of the crime rate within it.

Safety Concerns

Since large amounts of cash and cannabis are often being transported at once, there are major safety and security concerns for the products and the people who are involved in transportation. The potentially long periods of drive-time when cannabis products are being moved from employees to retailers—or when cash is being moved from retailers to employees—makes for a lot of time that that vehicle could be hijacked or products could be stolen.

The people who are responsible for the moving of cash or cannabis from place to place are placed at risk of criminals and thieves that target cash and assets. Because of the danger that comes with transportation, it has been—and still is—one of the main concerns for marijuana growers and distributors.

What’s the Solution to the Safety Concerns?

In order to make the cannabis transaction as safe as possible, businesses should seriously consider hiring professional security services. That way, the products, cash, and people involved in the process are kept safe.

How Hardcar Security Can Help

With new technology being developed in other industries—such as weapon detection and cyber security—Hardcar Security has developed ways that these technologies can be used to make the cannabis industry safer.

Hardcar Security offers a number of different security services that will ensure much safer transportation when it comes to cannabis products or cash:

  • Hidden Weapon Detection Systems
  • Advanced Threat Detection
  • Hidden Weapon Detection Systems
  • Seed to Sale Security – who is monitoring employees?
  • Near Infrared Facial Recognition Systems
  • Background Checks
  • Security Audits to Include Red Teaming
  • Weapons and Tactical Training
  • Safety Training for Employees
  • Robotic autonomous security patrols
  • Network Cyber Security—Remote IT Management


In addition, because Hardcar Security understands that the logistics and planning behind top-notch security can sometimes be hard to coordinate, we help design a complete protection strategy that is fit to meet each individual customer’s needs. We can either work with you on a regular basis or for a one-time transaction. Either way, we’re here to help!

The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt about it, transportation means vulnerability—especially when it comes to an industry as controversial and inconsistent as the cannabis industry. Prevention is key. That’s why it is so important to have highly secure vehicles. That is exactly where Hardcar Security’s armored vehicles and additional safety services come in.

When you hire professional security services from Hardcar Security, you can greatly increase the safety of the transporter, the cash, and the product while decreasing your business’s liability concerns.

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