HARDCAR Provides Veterans and Law Enforcement a Meaningful Career Path

HARDCAR Provides Veterans and Law Enforcement a Meaningful Career Path

The product and the amount of money that flows through the cannabis businesses in legalized states like California demands a need for transportation, security and protection.

In comes HARDCAR.

The Need for Security in Cannabis

When Cannabis was first legalized in California, there was a growing concern that communities who sold legal Cannabis would see an increased rate of crime. These concerns stemmed from fears of theft, the assumption that legalized substances could attract a “rough crowd”, and that dispensaries would be targets for violent crimes.

While these fears proved to be unfounded by the communities who host cannabis dispensaries, with Colorado’s statistics modeling the way, the need for safety and security still persists across legalized states.

HARDCAR, recognizing that there was a gap in those providing safety and security services for the cannabis industry stepped up as the “next generation” for security for the cannabis business, focusing first on the California desert.

The company combines technology and security to provide cannabis dispensaries and their partners a safe, discreet service to help them with their business operations. Services include the essential transportation in armored vehicles and security services to help move product and money from one place to another.

Career Opportunities for Skilled Workers

In just under 2 years, HARDCAR has proven to be a promising and meaningful career path for veterans of the military and former law enforcement officers. These individuals are recognized and valued for their training, experience with armoured vehicles and maintaining security of people and locations.

HARDCAR allows these individuals to find meaning in their career paths by finding a useful and relevant avenue where their specific training is valued and needed.

To date, HARDCAR employees 8 full-time staff and 20 part-time staff, and is expected to grow their workforce with the growth of the Cannabis industry in California.

At present, only medical Cannabis is legal in the state of California, but that will change in 2018, when recreational or adult use Cannabis becomes legal for sale per the provisions of Proposition 64.

Business analysts estimate that the introduction of adult use sales will bump the whole industry 10%, which is a modest estimation. The estimated value of the Cannabis industry in California is expected to grow to be worth $2.64 billion, which can support upwards of 47,711 full-time jobs.

HARDCAR expects that they’ll be able to offer more full time roles to their part time employees come 2018, when the recreational market provides more opportunity, and need, for security and transportation.

Meaningful Work, Post-Military or Law Enforcement

HARDCAR prides itself on its ability to offer former military or law enforcement workers for their specific skills. They’re recruited for their experience and familiarity with driving armoured vehicles through hostile environments, and are trained in safety, protection and security procedures.

Kelli Vowels, Operations Manager at HARDCAR wants their employees to see their role in cannabis security as “a fulfilling career and not just a job”. The executive team at HARDCAR all come from law enforcement or military backgrounds.

HARDCAR’s security employees are available to their clients across California, which extends across 25 customers, with the expectation this number will grow. All of HARDCAR’s employees are vetted, trained and licensed, and are available to provide regular services, one-time calls (i.e. for special events), or are able to accommodate any unique scheduling needs of dispensary clients.

With the promise of growth in cannabis in California for 2018, HARDCAR  looks forward to the opportunity to bring on more talent as the company aims to become the next generation company for cannabis transportation and security.

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