HARDCAR in the News: Highlighting a Successful Year of Growth Through Print & Online Presence

One of the marks of success is having a story to tell, and we’ve been proud to be able to have many avenues through which we have been able to share our story, our vocation, and our work in print and online.
HARDCAR has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in the last year, along the way creating connections and sharing stories that have led to some of the most innovative collaborations in the cannabis industry. We are an agency that focuses on security, transportation, and distribution, but always have a story to tell along the way.
Innovations in Technology
We are technology enthusiasts and have built HARDCAR on our experiences building some of the most high-tech systems for security while providing the on-ground support to maintain compliance.
Robots that are designed to guard cannabis grow operations serve a number of functions for security and safety. Our CEO Todd Kleperis spoke to Forbes and Green Market Report about the emergence of robot technology to guard cannabis. “At night guards sleep, they play video games and spend time on social media. It’s fraught with human error,” he said, adding that the purpose of the robots was to detect threats and alert humans for intervention.
Recently, we have been unveiling many more recent developments in the security and distribution space that continues to unite technology and utility in the cannabis space. Our Fresh Frozen Trucks deliver cannabis right from the manufacturer to the shelves where it’s fresh frozen, and hits the dispensary fresher than any other method of distribution.
We also recently introduced Advanced SmartSafes, which helps tackle the lack of banking solutions by using multiple vaults to secure cannabis cash. This helps reduce threats to safety and employee time safeguarding cash while remaining compliant in a cash audit trail.
We’re just getting started as we unveil more innovative technological solutions for cannabis distribution and security, and will release regular press releases about our developments in technology.
Veterans Employment Program
HARDCAR is a veteran owned and operated company, that uses the strengths and skills of veterans in our efforts to protect the legal cannabis within the country. We were fortunate to be featured in Green Market Report, where our Veterans Services Liaison Aaron Augustis shared his story of post-combat struggles with PTSD.
“It can be very difficult to find your place in the world after serving in the military,” he told Green Market Report, “I experienced difficulty with my transition back into civilian life. I would have uncontrollable waves of emotions that would hit me.” Aaron discussed how his work ensuring the safety and security of cannabis and cash draws on his experiences in the military: “Each canna run or money run is a mission,” Augustis says of millions of dollars of cash and cannabis moved across California by HARDCAR, “Running missions with a purpose of providing safe medicine and knowing that our training and experience can still be put to use in civilian world gives us a sense of purpose again.”
Late in 2017, we were fortunate to run into Honeysuckle Magazine at MJBizCon in Las Vegas, where we learned of their upcoming Cannabis issue. Eagerly, we partnered with the magazine to further share ours and Aaron’s story while continuing to explore the connection between cannabis and PTSD.
“The science behind CBD-rich cannabis strains is showing the compound’s ability to interrupt signals in the brain related to fear-based memories and the subsequent instinctive responses. People who have had various traumas in their lives, including combat veterans like Augustis, are finding that the brain-altering effects of CBD help them to move on from the crippling experiences of PTSD.”
The veterans and the people we bring on employees shows that HARDCAR is not just about profiting from cannabis: it’s about providing hope and a bright future for our nation’s veterans, and this is a social mission we strive to live up to every day.
Continued Growth
The growth of HARDCAR Security has led to our transition into offering additional services for our clients through HARDCAR distribution, where we’re striving to be the largest armored distribution company in the state of California.
We were thrilled to be featured in DOPE Magazine, where we were proud to be able to share how our focus on compliance makes cannabis distribution a worry-free process for our clients: “The biggest hurdles for everyone in the cannabis industry are state versus federal laws, and maintaining 100 percent compliance to avoid any potential issues. HARDCAR is 100 percent compliant, fully bonded and insured. We began that way from the start and we will maintain this integrity going forward.”
A Big Year for HARDCAR
As HARDCAR Security and HARDCAR Distribution continue to grow and offer additional services, we look forward to staying a company that is focused on our social impact with our employees and helping with cannabis access while arising to be one of the largest players in the cannabis industry. We’re well on our way! Stay tuned as we share more developments through various media outlets.

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