Distributors Cultivate Important Partnerships to Support Northern California’s Small Cannabis Farms

By: Todd Kleperis

To thrive in cannabis, brands must not look at themselves as one entity, but part of a larger ecosystem working towards widespread cannabis legalization. This has been the value system that has underlined my whole career and what I brought to my work in the cannabis industry.

My company, HARDCAR Distribution is an active contributor to the larger cannabis ecosystem by being the largest armored cannabis distribution company in the state of California. While we’re proud of our success, we contribute our growth to the value we place on partnerships and collaboration, which holds equal importance to our bottom line.

Our business and our mission was built on collaboration, working with others, and finding opportunities to grow through the talents of others. Because of this, we have become a large player in the cannabis industry as we move millions in cannabis and cash across the legal cannabis state.

In our mission of distributing California’s legal cannabis, we have stood alongside some of the most successful people, companies, and causes as we collectively seek to advance the industry. It is because of who we work with that HARDCAR is able to provide outstanding service as a distributor of some of the best cannabis in the state of California. 

The Origins of HARDCAR’s Focus on Collaboration

HARDCAR has collaboration and comradery running through its blood. Partnership, collaboration, and working together are all foundations of our business because of where we all come from. HARDCAR’s executive staff and employee team is made up of military veterans and former law enforcement officers, for whom, looking out for the greater good is what they do.

We pride ourselves on hiring veterans, as their skill set of precision, detail-orientation, and seeing every cannabis batch we touch as a mission is the foundation for what we do. Through our veterans hiring programs and our partnerships with organizations like Veterans Cannabis Group, we help veterans find meaningful, skilled employment while advancing the movement for cannabis access for veterans who live with PTSD.

Through the often difficult and trying experiences of service in the military and in the law, HARDCAR has learned that you can’t simply do anything on your own, nor can you be everything to everyone. By relying on the strengths of others, and honing individual talents as a larger part of a whole, we create a stronger team. We do not work in silos, we work as one being, recognizing that as a team, we are greater than the sums of each individual part. We take these exact principles into cannabis distribution.

Without this value on collaboration, HARDCAR wouldn’t be able to do what it does in terms of offering some of the highest-quality services for cannabis packaging, distribution, lab testing, trimming, secured storage, and transport.

A New Critical Link in a Critical New Partnership

HARDCAR has recently created a new partnership in the Emerald Triangle of Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity Counties that allows us to live out our passions for collaboration while leveraging the strength of many to create big things.

Recently, HARDCAR inked a deal with Humboldt Brands to be a distributor for the cannabis products cultivated by the over 100 farmers represented under this brand.

This partnership is particularly meaningful because it involves boosting up the market potential and helping in the financial recovery of farmers who reported losses in last year’s Northern California wildfires. By helping the cultivators under Humboldt Brands reach the market more effectively than going at it on their own, we take some of the hard work out of getting the proper licensing and ensure that they are on an equal playing field with other growing areas despite their recent challenges.

We add that extra safeguard of compliance and licensing, where the Humboldt Brand farmers know that their products are making their way to the market through the proper legal channels.

Honoring the Place of Small Businesses in Cannabis

As a small business, and in light of “Walmart weed” becoming more common players in the cannabis space, this partnership helps HARDCAR stay true to its roots of collaboration and comradery.

Being intimately involved in the industry we know and understand the challenges that these farmers face and we are very excited to be partnering with an organization that brings authenticity and a focus on small businesses to an industry that has unlimited potential for growth.

Humboldt Brands puts the same value on partnership and holds our veterans’ employment program at high importance, “HARDCAR brings an aspect of professionalism and integrity that this industry requires and we’re extremely excited for this opportunity,” Humboldt Brand Founder Reuven Sherr told us, “Their support of our Veterans is something we feel strongly about and support 100 percent.”

HARDCAR remains devoted to ensuring all businesses, including those who have been cultivating cannabis in Northern California for decades, have a chance at thriving in this new reality of legal California cannabis. As the potential to be lucrative increases, HARDCAR will keep its eye on helping the talented small farmers gain access to the competitive industry. HARDCAR looks forward to helping bring some of the highest-quality cannabis products from the Emerald Triangle to the cannabis industry while leveraging the power of partnership to strengthen the work we all do.

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