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“It’s our main goal to make sure you never are out of compliance or have the possiblity of losing your license.” – Todd Kleperis, CEO HARDCAR

As a powerhouse in custom security tech for the cannabis industry we promise compliance requirements are met or exceeded. In the ever-changing cannabis industry the rules and regulations are often changed thus affecting your business. This is why we have dedicated staff that know state requirements inside out working side-by-side with our clients. We help you remain compliant and up to date with all pertinent laws related to custom security transportation, asset protection and supply chain integrity.

Be Above Compliance

We engineer custom security systems that meet or exceed state requirements. This includes our surveillance systems, advanced threat detection and an ultra modern hidden weapons detection system.

The cannabis industry is expanding rapidly and is tightly regulated. It is of utmost importantace to start out with a strong, well established and fully compliant security company. Every HARDCAR customer contract for transportation services is protected with a comprehensive multi-million dollar cargo insurance policy. Hard Car protects our human and physical assets while we simultaneously protect your business assets and investments at the highest levels.