5 Reasons to Vote for HARDCAR for a California Cannabis Award

What a year it’s been for cannabis in California, as we’ve all experienced the incredible shifts in the industry, “growing pains” of new regulations, continued innovation, and most of all, an unwavering dedication to advancing cannabis in California and worldwide. HARDCAR Distribution has been nominated for a California Cannabis Award! Happening on May 18, the [...]

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The Importance of Lab Testing for Legal Cannabis in California

Forecasted to become a $1.4 billion dollar market in itself within this current Green Rush, Lab Testing for cannabis companies is rising in importance, and HARDCAR is ready to lead the charge in California. Why Lab Testing? Any cannabis that hits the shelves must be subject to laboratory testing according to the regulations under the [...]

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Distributors Cultivate Important Partnerships to Support Northern California’s Small Cannabis Farms

By: Todd Kleperis To thrive in cannabis, brands must not look at themselves as one entity, but part of a larger ecosystem working towards widespread cannabis legalization. This has been the value system that has underlined my whole career and what I brought to my work in the cannabis industry. My company, HARDCAR Distribution is [...]

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HARDCAR in the News: Highlighting a Successful Year of Growth Through Print & Online Presence

One of the marks of success is having a story to tell, and we've been proud to be able to have many avenues through which we have been able to share our story, our vocation, and our work in print and online. HARDCAR has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in the last year, along [...]

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Are Armored Ice Cream Trucks the New Way to Deliver the Best Quality Cannabis in California?

Are Armored Ice Cream Trucks the New Way to Deliver the Best Quality Cannabis in California? Imagine the highest-tech armored vehicles, temperature-controlled, quality-preserving “ice cream” truck on the market… then imagine that ice cream truck is full of the absolute freshest, flash frozen cannabis you can find in the state of California. This is what [...]

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For our Veterans: 3 Ways HARDCAR is Connected to Veterans’ Advocacy

As a team made of veterans who have served our country in various ways at home and abroad, HARDCAR’s work has a very social mission that keeps the interests of our country’s veterans in the forefront. Here are the reasons HARDCAR has such a dedicated focus towards our veterans, which is reflective in our work, [...]

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HARDCAR’s Role in Moving Cannabis Banking Forward

HARDCAR Next Generation Security had a lot to celebrate these last few weeks as we saw some significant progress in cannabis banking for our industry, and we were at the forefront of some of the efforts. Secure cash management is a key part of keeping any cannabis dispensary secure, and with cannabis being federally illegal, [...]

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5 Things to Ask HARDCAR About at #MJBizCon

5 Things to Ask HARDCAR About at #MJBizCon It’s finally arrived, MJBizCon is here, and HARDCAR Next Generation Security will be there to represent our section of the cannabis industry and meet some new potential collaborators. HARDCAR Next Generation Security represents a relatively new and emerging niche service within the cannabis industry: we are the [...]

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Is your cannabis business protected against cyber-hacking?

  If you’re in the cannabis industry, you would have heard about the cyber-attack earlier this year that brought down MJ Freeway, one of the largest cannabis compliance software systems in the industry. This should have been a wake-up call for everyone that hackers are targeting the industry for a variety of reasons: profit, notoriety, [...]

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The Road to 2018: The 5-T’s of Cannabis Security

As 2018 comes closer and the promises of legal recreational cannabis in California via Proposition 64 become an imminent reality, the cannabis security industry is notifying dispensaries of the need to increase security. With a predicted growth of $5 billion once recreational cannabis is legalized within the state, there will be no doubt that [...]

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