Are Armored Ice Cream Trucks the New Way to Deliver the Best Quality Cannabis in California?

Are Armored Ice Cream Trucks the New Way to Deliver the Best Quality Cannabis in California?

Imagine the highest-tech armored vehicles, temperature-controlled, quality-preserving “ice cream” truck on the market… then imagine that ice cream truck is full of the absolute freshest, flash frozen cannabis you can find in the state of California. This is what HARDCAR has to offer our clients.

 course, HARDCAR doesn’t transport ice cream, but the principles of keeping products frozen through transport translate directly into the cannabis transportation space: keep cannabis as fresh as possible by offering frozen transportation from cultivation to extractor.

What’s the Buzz About Fresh Frozen Cannabis?

Live resin and “sauce” is a trending desired result from fresh frozen cannabis plant material. Live resin has become increasingly popular amongst patients wanting to experience the many natural flavors of cannabis. Flavors that are natural as they occur in Mother Nature, without adding flavors by various artificial methods.  Products will arrive with such freshness that customers will be back to try a new blast of flavors and a freshness unmatched by other products found in dispensaries. Veteran manufacturers and extractors know how to capture whole plant rich terpenes, THC, and CBD for the highest quality concentrates.

HARDCAR recognizes that cannabis dispensaries and cannabis product manufacturers source cannabis from preferred cultivators so that they’re able to offer their choice products to their customers. We are the necessary link between the cannabis cultivators, cannabis extractors and cannabis dispensaries. Our guarantee to our customers is to maintain product quality, exact temperature in transit and product safety, along the entire journey.

How is Fresh Frozen a Better Product?

Frozen in transit technology offered by HARDCAR, delivers frozen cannabis directly to extractors, ensuring the preservation of terpenes “flavors. Flash freeze live cannabis and the quality of the product never lessens from the moment it is harvested.

HARDCAR’s frozen in transit services are a convenience for cannabis growers, manufacturers, and dispensaries. We deliver quality frozen cannabis, transported in armored refrigerated vehicles, operated by U.S. military veterans, insured with millions in cargo insurance.

Combine Quality and Ultimate Security with HARDCAR

Our Frozen in Transit vehicles are armored in the same bulletproof way as all our vehicles in our fleet. We have thought about everything to protect your product. In the case of a vehicle breakdown, we install onboard generators to ensure there is never an interruption of power and your cannabis is always kept at its frozen temperature.

We armor our vehicles to protect our U.S. military veteran drivers.  Our U.S. military veterans receive advanced training in asset protection, defensive and evasive driving skills. Our U.S. military veteran drivers are certified security agents by the State of California. HARDCAR’s security agents are on a mission every time they depart our facilities in route to make a pick-up or delivery.

Connect with HARDCAR today to discuss the details of our service contracts. Learn how we become the important link that brings your cannabis to market in a way that offers your cannabis business a competitive edge in our industry.



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