5 Things to Ask HARDCAR About at #MJBizCon

5 Things to Ask HARDCAR About at #MJBizCon

It’s finally arrived, MJBizCon is here, and HARDCAR Next Generation Security will be there to represent our section of the cannabis industry and meet some new potential collaborators.

HARDCAR Next Generation Security represents a relatively new and emerging niche service within the cannabis industry: we are the people who protect your cash, your crop, and most importantly your people so that you can remain secure in all your cannabis transactions.

Just last week, our CEO Todd Kleperis was named a Cannabis Influencer to Watch by Marijuana Retail Report because we are doing some new things for the cannabis industry that no one has ever seen before.

Attending MJBizCon? Make sure you stop by our booth and ask us about these 5 things:

  • Veterans Advocacy & Employment

The HARDCAR Next Generation Security model involves employing ex-military in our cannabis transportation and security efforts. Through our work, we give veterans a meaningful career path through which they can apply the skills learned through their service in a practical way.

In addition, HARDCAR’s staff are passionate advocates for veterans gaining access to medical cannabis to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). There is an epidemic among veterans who aren’t able to get the correct support they need for PTSD, and it’s resulting in veterans overdosing on pharmaceutical prescription drugs at alarming rates.

A team member of HARDCAR and a passionate contributor to the cannabis industry, Jeff Staker has created Hooser Veterans for Medical Cannabis. Through this, he is advocating for veterans of his state of Indiana to have legal access to medical cannabis, while advocating at the federal level for the rescheduling of cannabis from a Schedule 1 drug. HARDCAR is a proud supporter of Hooser Veterans for Medical Cannabis as well as advocating for veterans access to cannabis across our nation.

  • Cannabis Banking

Everyone in the cannabis industry knows that banking is a contentious issue and that since cannabis is federally illegal, banks aren’t scrambling to provide banking services to cannabis business. As a result, cannabis businesses are forced to find solutions to hold their cash, transport their cash, and ultimately hope that their cash (and those associated with it) remains safe.

HARDCAR Next Generation Security is working to rectify this for the cannabis industry, and we’re advocating with financial institutions to help the cannabis industry with secure banking. Our CEO, Todd Kleperis, is part of the National Cannabis Industry Association and is part of the Banking Committee. Todd has written numerous white papers on banking and financial security for the NCIA, has had meetings with California’s Treasurer John Chiang, and is dedicated through this platform, and through HARDCAR, to find concrete banking solutions for the industry.

  • Armored Transport

Most cannabis dispensaries fail to recognize that transportation of product or cash within the cannabis industry is the weakest link. We are here to be that strong link for cannabis businesses.

HARDCAR Next Generation Security employs fully-trained drivers to operate our Armored Vehicles. These armored vehicles are intended to keep cash and crop safe from theft or any threats that can occur when cannabis operations are not secured.

The veterans who work for HARDCAR are no strangers to operating this kind of vehicle, and this is why we’re so adamant about looking to the military veterans for the skills we need. “Guys in the military know what the hell they’re doing when it comes to getting things done. They know, for instance, how to drive through a hostile environment. Most of them are security-conscious because they have to be,” says our CEO Todd Kleperis.

  • State Transportation Laws

We are merely weeks away from Proposition 64 reaching full implementation in California, where California will be the largest legal market in the country, and the state still doesn’t have all its ducks in a row.

HARDCAR Next Generation Security has stayed on the front end of cannabis transportation, ready to move on aquiring the proper distribution licensing that the State of California will require cannabis transportation to have.

We’ve also been proactive to ensure that our transportation practices have the adequate insurance. We recognized that insurance would be a challenge once 2018 came, so we started our process early. Our journey to finding the right insurer was certainly not a straightforward one, but we finally found one that works for us after a few tries with a few firms. We’d love to hear your experiences with cannabis insurance!

  • Cyber-Security

We’ve found that not enough cannabis businesses are taking cyber-security seriously. The recent hacking of MJ Freeway should have been an eye-opener for all cannabis businesses that their data, including their patient data, is very vulnerable.

We are dedicated to working with cannabis businesses on the front end to ensure they’re protected against cyber-hackers or ransomware. We’ve been able to witness the fallout and see the potential for damage that hackers can do, and you better believe that as the cannabis industry becomes more lucrative, it’ll increasingly become a target.

Talk to us about how we work proactively to ensure your cannabis dispensary is free from the very real threat of cyber-hacking.

See You at MJBizCon!

We’re excited to meet fellow California cannabis businesses as well as national businesses who are taking cannabis security and transportation seriously.

We live in a new era where you simply can’t be too careful, too safe, or too protected.

Be sure you stop by our booth at MJBizCon to ask us about any of the above-mentioned things we’re working on, or to toss us your ideas for how we can collaborate.

See you there!



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