5 Reasons to Vote for HARDCAR for a California Cannabis Award

What a year it’s been for cannabis in California, as we’ve all experienced the incredible shifts in the industry, “growing pains” of new regulations, continued innovation, and most of all, an unwavering dedication to advancing cannabis in California and worldwide.

HARDCAR Distribution has been nominated for a California Cannabis Award!

Happening on May 18, the First Inaugural California Cannabis Awards is a high-end event geared towards nominating and awarding the top companies, entrepreneurs and advocates in the industry. Featuring 10 award categories, the CCA’s are focused on segments that make up this wonderful industry. The California Cannabis Awards are a great place to enjoy networking with cannabis entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and brands in the heart of Los Angeles.

HARDCAR has been nominated for Best Distributor among some other impressive brands helping cannabis move from farmers to the shelves and into people’s lifestyles.

YOU can vote for HARDCAR as Best Distributor. If you need some convincing to go and place that vote, perhaps these 5 reasons will motivate your vote:

  1. HARDCAR is a veteran owned and operated cannabis company, providing security and transportation services for cannabis and cash by trained professionals who view each delivery as a mission. We help veterans in the movement towards supporting cannabis for PTSD while seeking to support out veterans’ journeys to find meaningful employment.

  2. We’re really into technology, with our expertise finding us matching cannabis with technology with flash frozen technology, advanced testing services, connections to N2 canning, and robot security for cannabis and cash.

  3. Our team is diverse as they come. While we focus on veterans’ employment, we have people all over the country, and the world, seeking to advance and represent the specialized work we do. When we gain knowledge in cannabis, we use our wide network to extend our contributions to cannabis beyond states, countries, and borders.

  4. We support small business in getting high quality products to the shelves of some of the leading dispensaries. We don’t think that you need to be a giant grower or corporate operation in order to participate in the benefits of cannabis. We level the playing field. This is reflective in our partnership with Humboldt Brands, where we help distribute the cannabis products from over 100 farmers in the Emerald Triangle, honoring the roots of a long-standing tradition of cannabis growing within families and small farms.

  5. Collaboration is key. We spend so much time ensuring that we support not only the economic growth of cannabis, but also the social growth that becomes possible in communities. We have a partnership for financial services in The Cohong, an Oakland, California facility that has a focus on collaboration as a multi purpose facility with a local hiring program that seeks to elevate and empower the people of Oakland through meaningful employment.

HARDCAR is not just about the bottom line. Our work extends long past the profit possibilities in cannabis to touch the lives of real people. We have built HARDCAR on collaboration, realizing we are stronger together than if we work in silos. We couldn’t be prouder and humbled by how our work has opened so many doors for farmers, manufacturers, designers, branding companies, security staff, veterans, cannabis dispensaries, and most of all, cannabis users.

Want to Send us Your Vote?

Interested to vote for HARDCAR as Best Distributor for the California Cannabis Awards? Here’s how!

  1. Cast your vote online here: http://californiacannabisawards.com/vote
  2. Go onto social media and use Instagram to post photos with the hashtag: #ccas_dist_hdcr – each post with this hashtag will be counted as a vote!

Thank you to everyone for their support as HARDCAR Distribution grows! We are proud of the work we do and are honored to partner with so many incredible companies and fellow nominees.

See you at the California Cannabis Awards on May 18!

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